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In order to facilitate continued education, research, and progress within the industry, ESal maintains a library of relevant papers and articles that we believe are beneficial and informative. We want to do our part to help the energy industry continue to move forward in the areas of efficiency, sustainability, and environmental cleanliness. The articles in our library are excellent resources for all who have an interest in wettability and how its application can help our industry.

This Too Shall Pass, and It Won’t Be Long

It’s been a wild ride in the oil business lately.  But some of us have seen the cycle before.  So, starting at the bottom of a price cycle, as prices go up, hiring begins with hiring only the best.  Then, the cycle moves on to hiring many, to bonuses for staying,...

Wettability Measurement: How and Why

This white paper evaluates the various techniques for measuring Wettability, including contact angles, spontaneous or forced imbibition, capillary pressure and interfacial tension.   Home - Solutions - Services - Screening - News & Resources -...

Why Wettability Matters

One of the most common questions we receive is – What is Wettability and Why is it Important? Wettability describes the preference of a solid surface to be in contact with one of two or more fluid phases. Wettability in the petroleum reservoir refers to the...

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