DOUBLE Historic Production From The Oil Fields You Already Use.

It’s here. The revolutionary technology deployed to help you achieve up to 50% in new oil production – all without drilling new wells, building new pipelines or investing in any new equipment.


That’s what happens when the science of ESal’s RightWater™ technology gets so much more out of every resource you have. It’s groundbreaking without literally breaking new ground. Not to mention doing right by your shareholders. And because our innovation alters injected water chemistry rather than adding chemicals, you’ll be doing right by the environment too.

Let’s talk about what it means for your production and bottom line today with a no-risk preliminary test from ESal on one of your wells.

The Ultimate Enhanced Oil Recovery Method

“Current technology leaves behind 65% of oil in the reservoir.
ESal can recover a lot of that oil and the profit that comes with it.
It's your lowest cost oil.”
Geoffrey Thyne
Chief Technology Officer, ESal

Our industry uses the term Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR). It means the total reserves you can potentially recover. But how accurate is that number? Our projections have been accurate to within 1-3% .

Now, you’ll understand why Engineered Salinity gives you more in defining and proving the recovery numbers for your asset.

ESal uses just water salinity changes to increase recovery by as much as 100% using existing infrastructure, procedures and processes without chemicals.  It is fully applicable with other EOR technologies, highly predictable, minimizes risk and avoids formation damage.


Compare all the major oil recovery methods against ESal’s for yourself.


Less Chemical, CO₂ and Water Use with Every Barrel


A chemical-free approach means ESal uses naturally occurring solutes or compounds in water, making it a much cleaner technology that won’t negatively impact ecosystems, wetlands or drinking water sources.
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Preserving Land and Extending Oilfield Life


Our vision is The Oilfield Of The Future - where ESal's technology helps you leave naturally pristine areas intact in order to use the existing wells you already have – extending the life of each well in the process.
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Increasing Cash Flow and Deploying Capital Efficiently


By recovering more oil from a field utilizing existing equipment for longer than anyone thought possible, you may realize far more sustainable cash flows while spending significantly less on capital expenditures.
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ESal can screen your field 10 times faster
and 10 times less expensively than the industry standard.

Let's Talk Real Numbers.
You'd Better Sit Down For This.

What does up to 50% recovery in new oil production really translate into as far as dollars and cents?  


We’ve seen the costs be as low as $1.62 per barrel all in. 


That’s CAPEX plus OPEX! You read that correctly: $1.62 from a new technology that may increase your reservoirs’ reserves. 


Now we want you to focus on one more number: Think about how that cost per barrel recalculates over not just one well but 200 wells. That’s a whole lot of change in the worth of your assets without making virtually any change in your infrastructure.

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About engineered salinity - ESal

You’re Already Standing On Revolutionary Ground.

The energy crossroads demands a new, smarter strategy for your company’s health in a way that’s logistically efficient and financially cost-effective: Going to existing resources and continuing to get inexpensive yet high-quality oil from them.

ESal has taken the science that has always existed in a textbook and transformed it into a technology that has proven itself in the field.

That’s right. We have the ability to deploy our technology in a way that goes beyond standard practice to achieve a higher recovery than the oil and gas industry normally expects. 


It’s a big reason why our customers are getting real results right from their existing wells without drilling anew.


Why settle for a lower recovery rate when you don’t have to?

It's Not Just Oil.
It's The Greenest Oil
In The World.

It’s safe to say that, by far, most of the environmental problems associated with oil come from exploration and drilling, followed by production and disposal of oilfield brines. Modern oilfields often have a well every few hundred feet, wreaking havoc on the landscape.


Make no mistake – in the big picture, we’re in the midst of a huge energy transition, approaching the end of using carbon-based, non-renewable fuels. Oil has always been inexpensive to some degree but in the coming years, we’re going to see oil become far more expensive to get the same barrel. That means more drilling conventional wells in more remote regions and unconventional wells in your neighborhood. Not to mention at greater disturbance to the world’s most pristine ecosystems and people’s lives – not exactly great for public relations.


So what’s the alternative? And how much of a hassle will it be to implement it?


Surprisingly, it’s remarkably smooth as far as the transition goes because it’s merely improving the efficiency of your current approach.

Instead of more CAPEX, more drilling, more exploring and more digging up natural surroundings in the name of getting more oil, Engineered Salinity can extract twice as much oil as you currently do from an unlikely place – the existing wells you already have, which have been producing oil for decades, but which have so much more untapped reserves.


ESal isn’t cutting holes in pristine prairies or tearing up forests. No, we’re only going to the already developed fields and utilizing the resources in place. And that aligns with a U.S. regulatory environment that’s the strictest of its kind.


It’s the greenest oil you can get. Period.




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