Recover up to 50% More Oil


After more than a decade of research, ESal has developed a revolutionary method to change reservoir wettability by altering the inorganic chemistry of injected water. This unique method can be applied in all three phases of oil field production at much lower costs than all other currently available techniques and without using chemicals.

Whether you’re drilling a new shale well or looking for new life in your old field, ESal can help you increase your production. You are already using water, now use RightWaterTM

Wettability Alteration to Increase Waterflood Production

Drilling & Completion

Changing wettability to generate oil double-digit recovery

Wettability Alteration to Increase Oil Reserves

Waterflood Production

Improve waterflood performance by 5-15% OOIP

Wettability Alteration to Improve Well Performance

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Optimize reservoir wettability to improve recovery in your current ASP or CO2 flooding program

Extract an additional 5-15% more of the original oil in place (OOIP) from your field


The Secret is in the Water

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