The ESal ROI:
*Payback Within 1 Year
*10,000% After 20 Years

20X Faster.
40X Less Expensive.

There’s a magic zone where profit happens in the field, and at ESal, we’ve found it occurs at neutral wettability – the place between oil and water where recovery is most ideal.

That’s not a news flash. People in the industry have known this for 70 years and counting. But they didn’t know the blueprint of how to produce that level in a very predictable way consistently.

Until now. Enter ESal.

Using our proven laboratory methodology, we’ve conducted numerous economic evaluations for oil and gas companies, creating results by changing water chemistry.

Our predictability of oil recovery? Ridiculously on target.

Using nearly two dozen different parameters,
ESal has applied our technology to predict accurate recovery rates within 1-2%.

Think about having that unparalleled level of precision over the long term, knowing the effectiveness of oil recovery and how much value the asset will gain.

We can even tell you when recovery isn’t going to be effective, or worse, damage your assets’ value.  

How long does it take ESal to gain the business intelligence you’re looking for? Our lab testing period is typically just two weeks – a far cry from the two to four years that was the industry standard to test one field.

Your payback from the investment in ESal technology will happen in less than a year – while providing you with decades of benefit.

As you can see from our graph above, that projects out to a 10,000% rate of return after 20 years. 


That’s ROI that’s off the charts. And ready to be realized in the very fields you own.

graph eor oil
graph waterfloods monthly
graph completion oil