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Oil Field Of The Future

Are You Working In The Oil Field Of The Future?

Contrary to trending belief, we don’t see oil on the verge of disappearing in favor of alternative energy sources. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We’re on the cusp of what could be the most exciting frontier for oil yet: What we at Engineered Salinity (ESal) describe as The Oil Field Of The Future.

Oil Recovery As Profit Driver: What Kind Of Change Can $1.62 Per Barrel Create?

As we see the news from the Middle East that there will be reductions in production through the end of this year, the projections are that oil prices will skyrocket past $100 per barrel. The mindset of some in the industry may be, “It doesn’t matter how high oil goes. People will still buy it because they have to buy it.”

Well, yes and no.

What Is Wettability Damage – And Can It Be Reversed?

What if wettability is changed in the wrong direction?

Then you have what is referred to as Wettability Damage. This type of damage occurs when the wettability alteration lowers expected recovery, thereby reducing profitability.

At ESal, we estimate that among all the oilfields in the world, no less than 20% are experiencing this type of damage.

And as you’re about to see from one example, it’s damage that can be outrageously costly.