Preserving Land and Extending Oil Life

Social Benefits of ESal

Our Vision: "The Oilfield of the Future."
ESal's Technology Is The Answer.

Through ESal’s technology, oil and gas companies don’t have to look far and wide for new drilling locations. Instead, we are better utilizing existing resources.


Rather than disturbing naturally pristine areas to extract more oil elsewhere, you can use the existing wells you already have – extending the life of each well in the process. 

Getting Twice As Much Out Of The Oilfield 


The worldwide average of oil extraction equates to getting 30% of the oil from each oilfield. Total. At this point, many oil and gas companies consider the well “tapped out.”


What if we were to tell you that you could get as much as another 30% out of that same well by using Engineered Salinity?

It’s true. ESal, upon testing and identifying a fit for our technology, can help you extract twice as much out of the oilfield, significantly extending the life of the well. You don’t need to keep drilling in new places when you can double the amount of high-quality oil.


By preserving land and extending field life, you’re setting the stage for a more significant profit.