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Engineered Salinity (ESal) is a technology company currently servicing the Oil & Gas industry. ESal prides itself on industry expertise of wettability. The team of experts inside ESal have developed and test a vast range of technical parameters relating to wettability including its beneficial effects within geological reservoirs and beyond. Pride of added value and rapid testing put ESal at the forefront of emerging technology today.

The ESal Story

In 2010, Geoffrey Thyne Ph.D. was testing low salinity waterflooding to increase oil recoveries in the Minnelusa Formation in Wyoming. 

After more than a decade of research, Geoff discovered that low salinity wasn’t always the answer to increasing oil recoveries. 

Instead, he discovered that changing salinity of injection fluid can change reservoir wettability. 

Today, ESal knows why the Minnelusa, and many other formations, failed to respond to low salinity waterflooding. 

It turns out that the secret to recovering more oil is in the water, but only if you know how your wettability needs to change. 

Based on Geoff’s groundbreaking work, ESal created tools for screening, testing, designing and deploying wettability alteration by salinity – Engineered Salinity™. 

The ESal solution has the potential to increase oil recovery by up to 50% for less than $4 per barrel without investing in new equipment or using chemicals.

Our screening tool can predict your field’s potential in weeks and our laboratory test can demonstrate the potential in only months.

No new equipment is required (in most cases), no change in existing operations and no chemicals are used.

Engineered Salinity from ESal is simply the most cost-effective way to get more oil out of the ground.

Leadership Team

Geoffrey Thyne

Geoffrey Thyne

Dr. Thyne is an expert in increasing recovery by manipulation of water chemistry. Geoff began his career in 1979 as a Research Geochemist at the Arco Oil and Gas research facility in Plano, Texas. 


He received his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Wyoming in 1991 and taught at California State University-Bakersfield and the Colorado School of Mines until 2005. He returned to the University of Wyoming in 2006 at the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute. Over his time at EORI, he became immersed in the possibilities of changing water chemistry to improve oil recovery, studying the process in the laboratory and the field. In 2012, Geoffrey left EORI and formed ESal in 2013.

Geoffrey holds a Ph.D in Geology from the University of Wyoming, an M.S. in Oceanography from Texas A&M University and a B.A. in Chemistry and Zoology from the University of South Florida.

Salem Thyne

Salem Thyne

Salem is an internationally recognized expert in chemical and energy operations. He joined ESal in 2017 and brings 23 years of experience in corporate management, regulatory compliance and operations.



Salem started his career in the US Navy in 1996, and during his 20-year leadership career he has conceived and executed a series of exceptionally successful projects in nuclear plant operations, managed chemical processing facilities and served as a subject matter expert in areas of operations, regulatory compliance and technical training in multiple countries.

 Salem holds a B.S. in Management from The New School and completed course work towards his M.S. in Management and Urban Policy.

Teresa Nealon

Teresa Nealon

Teresa co-founded ESal in 2013 and brings 25 years of business and project management experience of technical projects in industrial manufacturing, renewable energy research and grant management.



She has worked at Coors Ceramics Company, the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and, most recently, was the Director of the Wyoming Carbon Capture and Storage Technology Institute (WCTI) at the University of Wyoming.

Teresa holds a B.S. in Mineral Engineering Mathematics and Geophysics and an M.S. in Hydrology, both from Colorado School of Mines. 

The Secret is in the Water

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