The Effect of Organic Acids on Wettability of Sandstone and Carbonate rocks

June 14, 2018


Paulina Mwangia
Patrick V.Bradyb
Mileva Radonjica
Geoffrey Thyne

This paper examines the role of crude oil’s organic acid surface active compounds (SAC) in determining the reservoir wettability over a range of salinities and temperatures. To isolate the effects of individual SACs, this project used model oil mixtures of pure decane and single SACs to represent the oleic phase. Due to the large number of experiments in this study, we used wettability measurement method by the modified flotation technique (MFT) to produce fast, reliable, and quantitative results. The results showed that oil wetting by decane increased with temperature for carbonate rocksSandstones oil wetting showed little temperature dependency. The presence of long-chained acids in decane increased oil wetting in sandstone and carbonate rocks as salinity was lowered, while the short-chained acid increased water wetting under the same conditions. The effect of organic acids on wettability was slightly enhanced with increasing temperature for all rock types.


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