Field Qualification Test

We have three levels of screening, the Quick Screen (Test Your Field), the Basic Screen and the Full Screen.  The Quick Screen is free and will tell you if your field has the basic qualities for success.  The Formation list is based on our experience.  If your formation is not on the list, then you want the Basic Screen.  The Basic Screen is free and requires some more information.   For the Basic Screen we need the formation name, field name, depth, current produced water total dissolved solids and oil API number.  The Full Screen service and required information is outlined on the Services page.  Call us for cost.

Screening is based on identifying the rock, water and oil properties that lead to a successful outcome.  The screen does not provide an estimate of the increase in oil production.  The scores are based on those cases where we have experience (the formation list).  We can perform the free Basic Screen for formations not on the list with either public information or information you provide.  Just contact us.

An example of the Full Screen results can be seen on the publications page under Wettability Alteration in Alaskan Reservoirs.

Green fields will produce more oil during engineered salinity waterfloods than brown fields.  See the publication on Secondary versus Tertiary Waterfloods on the Publications page for details.

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