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In order to facilitate continued education, research, and progress within the industry, ESal maintains a library of relevant papers and articles that we believe are beneficial and informative. We want to do our part to help the energy industry continue to move forward in the areas of efficiency, sustainability, and environmental cleanliness. The articles in our library are excellent resources for all who have an interest in wettability and how its application can help our industry.

Base Number and Wetting Properties of Crude Oils

Authors: S.T. Dubey & P.H Doe

Effect of Fractional Wettability on Multiphase Flow Through Porous Media

Authors: Irving Fatt & Waldemar A. Klikoff Jr.

Influence of Electrical Surface Charges on the Wetting Properties of Crude Oils

Authors: Jill S. Buckley, K. Takamura, & N.R Morrow

Fundamentals of Wettability

Author: Schlumberger

This is a good overview of classic wettability in the context of petroleum geology.  This is available online for free.

Crude Oil & Wettability Changes

Authors: J.S Buckley & Y. Liu

An Introduction to Wettability of Oil Reservoirs

Authors: Petrophysics and Surface Chemistry Group

If you have a paper that you think should be in the library, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

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