Significantly Increase Oil Recovery at Every Phase of the Well Lifecycle.

ESal’s oil recovery solutions

ESal’s oil recovery solutions are designed to increase oil production and recovery at all three phases of the well lifecycle.

From completing new wells to waterfloods to EOR projects, ESal’s Engineered Salinity solution optimizes the salinity of water used in these processes to increase oil production recovery by up to 50% at a cost of $4.00 or less per incremental barrel.

Our very affordable screening process reliably identifies successful candidate fields quickly.

The process

Screen, Labwork and Deploy

At ESal, we strive to provide much faster and less expensive analysis of reservoir wettability, as well as an assessment of the potential to control wettability by salinity, versus the industry average of 4-6 years and millions of dollars. Our business model means we can provide similar results in a fraction of the normal time and expense. The most desirable outcome of a project is to assess and alter the in-situ wettability of the candidate petroleum reservoir to increase oil recovery, however even knowing that reservoir wettability is insensitive to salinity is valuable information for operations. We deliver this information to you by evaluating the relationship between salinity and wettability for the target reservoir.

There are three main stages in the workflow: screening, laboratory testing, and deployment. In order to provide an initial assessment, we developed an analytical screening tool based on hundreds of field and laboratory examples. Not all reservoirs have wettability that is sensitive to salinity and our screening tool saves time and money by eliminating marginal candidates. After favorable screening results are observed, laboratory testing quantifies the current reservoir wettability as well as the salinity sensitivity. Finally, the laboratory data is used to develop economic evaluations and serve as the basis to formulate chemical specifications for the injected water.

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ESal evaluates the likelihood of each field or project’s effectiveness with the RightWater® technology prior to testing


Testing of reservoir material to find the tailored optimal wettability alteration solution


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Combining laboratory data, economic evaluation, and engineering modeling to deploy RightWater® technology in the field


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